Frequently Asked Questions

Does your gym have a canteen where I can purchase food and drinks?


Yes, however our canteen is run by volunteers and only operates during our Friday night recreational classes between 5:00pm-8:00pm.

Do you take eftpos as a form of payment for classes and the canteen?


Yes! As of 2021 we now accept both cash and card payments, a 1.95% fee applies!


What should my child wear if they are coming to a gymnastics class for the first time?


If they do not have the club t-shirt that we sell we recommend they wear a t-shirt and bike shorts or leggings and sports shorts for boys. Please ensure they are not wearing any jewellery, hoodies and have their hair tied back off their face.


My child has previously done gymnastics at another club and is interested in training at a competitive level, is there any way they can be tested to see if they qualify for a levels group?

We have levels groups for children and you are more than welcome to speak to a committee member or contact us via Facebook, Instagram, Email or phone to schedule a testing day for your child. We offer competitive Men's Artistic, Women's Artistic and are looking for expressions of interest for our Aerobic competitive team. 

My child is unable to attend a session, should I contact anyone to let them know?

If your child usually attends a recreational class you do not have to contact anyone. If your child is part of a development squad or levels group we recommend that you text or call their coach or call the gymnastics hall to let a committee member know. This just helps us better prepare for training sessions.

I was wondering if it is possible for my child to attend one session as a trial? Will I have to pay the registration fee?

If you just want to attend one of our recreational sessions you can pay the class hourly rate and if you then decide to return the registration fee will be due on the second week of attending.

Do I have to register my son or daughter online?

We are working on a new system to take registrations online to ensure we can cater for the amount of gymnasts attending each class. 

Do you have a MAG (Men's Artistic Gymnastics) competitive program?

We have recommenced our gymnastics programs for boys, this starts as a development squad, and moves into the MAG program as the children develop. If you child is particularly interested in joining a competitive level or has come from a previous team, please contact us!

Are you a COVID safe venue?

Yes, we are! The gymnasts’ safety is our number one priority so here is how Seven Hills Gymnastics is handling equipment clean-up, social distancing and general hygiene following the World Health Organisation, Gymnastics Australia and NSW government parameters