For boys and girls aged 18 months to 5 years. Our program is fun and engaging and will assist in developing young children with co-ordination and mobility through games, music, circuits, and group activities. Monday mornings class starts 9:15am with our Accredited Advanced Kindergym Coach Karen.

Friday 1 hour classes first class 5-6pm or 2 hour classes on Tuesday 4-6pm for boys and girls aged 5 years and over. Our programs are fun and engaging, involving games and circuits. Children will learn fundamental gymnastics skills that will heighten their self confidence and improve their co-ordination. Recreational classes are a great place to start your son or daughter's journey in gymnastics and make friends.





Our Women's Gymnastics program is a competitive stream where young girls can build their skills to an advanced level. This program involves weekly training sessions and compulsory competitions throughout the year. Girls will develop fundamental skills such as balance, strength and flexibility, as well as build friendships in a challenging and supportive environment. This program is by invitation only. Contact us to arrange a trial.